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Does Your Lorry have a DPF Filter?

  Were you aware that no lorry is allowed to travel through London if they aren’t fitted with a DPF...

oil rig

5 Vehicles That Use Red Diesel

Dyed fuel or popularly known as red diesel is utilized by off road cars which is considerably reasonable than usual...


Oil news with the heating oil prices Hampshire team

Over the past years we’ve seen a significant change in the price of oil. Oil prices fell on Friday as investors...

Red Diesel

Red Diesel: Why you should be using dyed fuel

Red Diesel is Gas Oil that has been dyed to distinguish it from regular fuels. The reason it is dyed...


What is FMEA training?

The Alpha fuels team recently used the EQMS company for there expertise in FMEA training. If your looking to better...


Get the best domestic oil prices Gloucestershire

The Heating oil Gloucestershire Company has been established for several years, supplying high quality oil to the community of Gloucestershire and surroundings...

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